Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Alternative 4th Doctor costume t-shirt

Back in 2011 Forbidden Planet started releasing a range of t-shirt based on The Doctor’s costumes.

They soon released all twelve Doctors, and have kept the idea alive by doing a few of the peripheral characters as well.

Now they are going back over a few of The Doctors, creating some of the alternative costume variations seen down the years.

You can now get the Fourth Doctor - but as seen in the ever popular adventure, The City Of Death.

From the image on the website I’m not sure about the colour of that waistcoat; and I’m no expert, but is that the right variant of scarf to go with that costume?

At least they got the brooch correct!
4th Doctor costume t-shirt

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Denys Fisher Tom Baker action figure -
The Vectis auctions

I’m often brining you the latest lots for sale on eBay or at Bonhams auction house, a mix of costumes, props and behind the scenes memorabilia.

But I recently came across a specialist seller of collectible toys, and Doctor Who regularly crops up.

What caught my eye was the iconic Denys Fisher Tom Baker action figure - which I remember owning myself at the time. The reason I’m interested is that a number of the dolls have been sold down the years, dating back to 1999, well before the return of Doctor Who in 2005.
Some are boxed; some are grouped with other items; some have times missing, such as scarf, hat or sonic.

18th Feb 2014 - Lot 1421
TV & Film Related Sale
Harbert Doctor Who figure, depicting Tom Baker complete with scarf, although is missing hat, otherwise Excellent within Good original box.
Price realised: £40
26th Oct 2011 - Lot 5128
The Coventry Star Wars Collection Sale
Doctor Who collection of Toys and Ephemera including: Denys Fisher/Mego Doctor Who Poseable figure; Dapol K9; Dapol white and gold Dalek; Cyberman figure; plus a quantity of books, games and annuals on the Doctor Who theme, conditions are mainly Fair to Good Plus throughout. (qty)
Price realised: £35

7th Dec 2010 - Lot 1401
Specialist Diecast Sale
Denys Fisher Doctor Who figure, 1976 issue, Tom Baker figure, dressed in original clothing complete with scarf and hat which is still factory sealed within original plastic, figure is retained upon inner packaging and is Mint complete with mailing leaflet within Excellent box.
Price realised: £60

Bonhams auction - 25th June 2014

It’s that time of the year again and another Bonhams Entertainment Memorabilia auction is looming.

There are a number of Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures items on offer.

Most of the Doctor Who items are left over the from the previous sale in December last year, now with considerably reduced estimates and reserves.

You’d be forgiven for thinking the solitary Fourth Doctor era item was from the massive Doctor Who costume sale in February 2010, but this is actually a different costume. The previous robes, (Lot 161 in the previous sale) had a label inscribed Withryk, FUT 462.

Lots 94 - 100
First, Second and Third Doctors (1963-1974)
Lots 102 - 106
Seventh Doctor (1987-1989)
Lots 107 - 121
Torchwood & Sarah Jane Adventures)

Lot 101
DOCTOR WHO: THE DEADLY ASSASSIN, 1976, A TIME LORD ROBE, of russett-coloured velvet-effect fabric, brown lining, pleated sleeves and front, labels inscribed in ballpoint Moran and FUT 463.

This is very similar in style and labelling to several robes sold in these rooms, 24th February 2010, 'Doctor Who: The Auction, Costumes and Props from the BBC Archive'.

Estimate £2,000 - 2,500
Sold for £2,250

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

RARE 1970’s dressing up costume on eBay

We all have the impression that dressing up and cosplay is a relatively new thing in the world of Doctor Who, but an item on eBay shows it goes back a bit further than you’d think.

1970’s Berwick 4th Doctor
super hero boxed costume

Up for auction is a boxed Berwick Doctor Who 4th Dr dress up costume which is in excellent unused condition with a very small minor crack to the mask, the box is in great shape for its age with damage to the plastic which has been repaired with sellotape.

The dressing up playsuit dates from 1976, and I gather was discontinued the following year. During that time barely 300 sets were sold, making this a bit of a rarity.

The thing that particularly catches my eye is the tunic, which bears an uncanny resemblance to the t-shirt made by Forbidden Planet a couple of years back.

It has you wondering if there was a tad of inspiration there!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

My tailor's bookshelf

I’m often asked where I get my patterns from and for tips on how to make garments.
Since tailoring is now my full time profession I’m not at liberty to hand out the patterns I have created and refined.

But what I can show you is my bookshelf of reference material I use when I’m in need of some direction or inspiration.

I use a mixture of modern and antique books.

Many of the vintage books I have contain contemporary instruction on how to draw up frock coats, lounge jacket and waistcoats, all with that distinctive Edwardian twist.

The more modern books give me construction ideas using up to date fabrics and interfaces.

It is a mix of these two that helps me do what I do.
Here’s the full current content of my library.

The Victorian Tailor
Jason MacLochlainn - Batsford 2011

Men’s Garments 1830 - 1900
R I Davis - Players Press 1994

The Complete Photo Guide to Sewing Singer -
Creative Publishing International 2005

Grading for the Fashion Industry
Martin M Shoben & Patrick J Taylor - Sheben Fashion Media 2004

Classic Tailoring Techniques in Men’s Wear
Roberto Cabrera & Patrick Flaherty Meyers - Fairchild 1983

Tailoring: A step-by-step Guide to Creating beautiful Customised Garments - Apple 2005

Metric Pattern Cutting for Menswear Winifred Aldrich -
Blackwell Publishing 1980

Illustrated Guide to Sewing: Tailoring - Fox Chapel 2011

Shirtmaking David Page Coffin - Taunton 1998

Singer Sewing Book
Mary Brooks Picken -
McGraw-Hill Publishing 1954

Cutting and Designing for Men’s Tailoring J Cutler -
New Era Publishing

The Science of Pattern Construction for Garment Makers
B W Poole - New Era Publishing

The Modern Tailor Outfitter and Clothier Vols I to III
A A Whife - Caxton 1949

The Encyclopaedia of Sewing Techniques Wendy Gardiner - Search Press 2003

Design and Cutting Modern Leisure & Cotton Garments for Men A G Chaudhry -
The Tailor and Cutter

The Cut of men’s Clothes 1600 - 1900 Norah Waugh -
Faber and Faber 1964

Complete Guide to Sewing - Reader’s Digest 1978

The Haslam Practical Guide to Dressmaking & Tailoring
G A & F A Haslam

The Art of Garment Making
Philip Dellafera -
The Tailor and Cutter

Textile of Tailors
E Ostick - The Tailor and Cutter

The Elements of Modern Dressmaking
J E Davis -
Cassell & Co Ltd 1894

Cutting and Fitting
Principles of Tailoring Women’s Institute 1928
Tailored Garments

The Modern Tailor Outfitter and Clothier Vols I to III
A S Bridgland - Caxton 1928

Monday, 10 March 2014

Superb Herbert Johnson
fur felt fedora on eBay

I don’t often highlight items like this, since it is not screen-used, but this is a particularly fine example.

Original 1090s Herbert Johnson Fur Felt Fedoras don’t come up often - which would explain the last minute bidding frenzy that pushed this hat to almost £400!

Original 1960s’ Herbert Johnson Artist/Poet's Chocolate Fur Fedora Hat

This item is in great condition and is unworn. The hat stands 5 1/2" all with a 3 3/4" peak. The interior is also immaculate. All our items are genuine & all the information we have is included in description.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Gallifrey One 2014 -
Advanced Tailoring Techniques

Last year when I attend Gallifrey One in Los Angeles, I presented a solo panel in which I discussed and showed some of my more challenging tailoring projects.

Due to popular demand, I have been asked to do a similar panel again this year.
The premininary schedule is now out and I am down to present my panel at 4pm on Sunday 16th February 2014.

The main drive of what I shall be presenting will be British Tailoring and the art of the Frock Coat.

I have been making a lot of Frock Coats one way or another over the past 18 month so I’ve gain a lot of experience.

All of the coats have their roots in the classic Edwardian design despite their differing appearances.

I hope if you are coming to Gallifrey One you’ll come alone and join the audience - there will be Jammie Dodgers.....

If you can’t make it, or just want a good idea of what I’ll be talking about, here is a video of my panel from last year.

If you a specific topic you’d like me to discuss at my panel, please mail me at 
with your suggestion.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

ORIGINAL TV Comic artwork on eBay

These don’t come up so often, so I thought it worth sharing.

Original TV Comic artwork
by John Channing
SOLD FOR £1,020.55

This is the original artwork from TV Comic Issue 1252 by John Channing – featuring the fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane battling some (pretty fast moving!) Daleks. It was first published in December 1975.

It is a finely detailed work in pencil and ink, with much of the finer pencil detail still clearly visible beneath the inked areas. As was always the case with John Channing, speech balloons were overlaid the finished illustration – since these are thinner than the board they’re stuck to they age at a faster rate – which is why you can see some areas of the artwork underneath visible through the speech balloons.

This always happens with work of this genre and in no way distracts from the overall impact of the piece – indeed, it’s part of its history!

The board measures approx 38cms x 47cms.

I obtained this piece from a collector of comic book original artwork around ten years ago.